Agilant Consultants Step Up to the Plate to Bolster Sparta Systems

Agilant Solutions, Inc

Trust is the foundation of a company, their partners, and their clients. If you can’t trust your partners to do the job right, you risk losing your customers' trust. And if your customers don’t trust you, they’ll turn to someone else to get what they need.

Sparta Systems develops quality management software to help pharmaceutical, medical device, and consumer packaged goods companies maintain compliance with the FDA as well as other global regulatory agencies, while improving operational efficiency and product quality. Our solutions come ready to use out-of-the-box but can also be configured to the specific needs of each customer. For customers that require customization, we send a service team to deliver the order and configure it for our client. That’s when we often look to Agilant for implementation support.

Implementations can range from single-process to multiple-processes projects like global implementation for multinationals. The flawless implementation of these projects is crucial so companies can maintain their FDA compliance. Our Agilant consultants do minor configurations as well as full-spectrum custom configuration jobs. They help us get our customers up and running, quickly. 

Partners represent your company to customers. Choose wisely.

As soon as our Agilant consultants step on-site, they are representing Sparta Systems to our clients. Knowing something will be done right—the first time—is critical. There’s no worse feeling than when a project goes south and you have to rebuild the client relationship. We need to be able to trust Agilant to do great work and keep our clients happy on our behalf.

A Stellar Team

I initially began to see the value of our Agilant relationship when I started at Sparta Systems as a Delivery Consultant. This was a "boots on the ground" type of job. And as someone doing the on-site configuration, I needed to complete training classes followed by a TrackWise certification exam. An Agilant consultant at the time also took the training and certification exam with me. These courses take time out their schedule, but it’s pivotal to ensure our Agilant consultants stay as qualified as possible. This was the first of many experiences that proved Agilant was dedicated to getting their consultants up to speed so they could work beside us. 

Last year, I was promoted to Global Capabilities Manager and that’s when I truly saw the Agilant team in action. My first introduction to Agilant was through their Director of Sales who set the standard for incredibly responsive service. I was then introduced to our Agilant Account Executive, Matthew Lindia. Right from our first conversation, Matt has been wonderful to work with. He is adaptable to whatever I need and even came to our office for a meeting so we could connect in person to solidify our relationship even more. Matt and the entire team at Agilant put a lot of time and energy into making sure they have the resources to support us. 

Find partners who are willing to make upfront investments for long-term success.

Agilant and Sparta are in their fifth year of a reliable partnership, and now as Customer Engagement Manager, I get to see the customer side of the engagement. It’s incredible to experience, first-hand, the level of service our customers receive from our Agilant consultants. 

Brian Larkin is a key player and is one of Agilant’s more seasoned TrackWise consultants. Our PM and CEM teams consistently sing his praises. Brian acts more like a team leader within Agilant to keep things running smoothly. He’s often paired with Jeff Rath who rounds out the team with his excellent web services skills.

A recent major project the two worked on was a global registration tracking implementation. It was a larger implementation for a global customer. Brian did the TrackWise consulting side of it, and Jeff supported the effort by handling the web services that were requested for the project. The customer was thrilled with their experience and the collaboration between Brain and Jeff. Both of them consistently come up with a winning strategy for the projects they work on.

Even though Agilant is one of our smaller partners from the services side, they are extremely flexible.  They have a very well rounded team who can handle configuration and integration. If we need something done right the first time, Brian and Jeff are the go-to options. Overall, Agilant has always been more than willing to do whatever is required to make sure their resources are up to date with all of Sparta System’s newest products.

If there’s anything that speaks to the quality of work Agilant does, it’s how our customers come back time and time again. Jeff recently did a small integration for a customer of ours that ended up rolling out into a three-part integration project because the client was so happy with the initial job. This was all because Jeff did amazing work and then was willing to hop on a call to help us scope out the subsequent projects. He truly always puts our customers first.

Going the Extra Mile

A big part of what’s kept us with Agilant for so long is that they’re consistently adapting to our needs and willing to go beyond the normal scope of a partnership. 

For example, every year, Agilant sponsors our conference to give them an opportunity to meet the Sparta team as well as our other consultants. Moments like these provide a unique opportunity for us to have face-to-face conversations that align the mission statements of both companies. It’s incredible when someone is willing to go the extra mile to deepen a business relationship.

Great partners help find innovative solutions to your biggest problems.

Partnership requires a lot of trust, but our five-year alliance with Agilant gives us that needed sense of security. We know that when we put one of their consultants on a client site, the work will be done right. That's a huge relief. 

Agilant continually and proactively looks to add value to our partnership with other service offerings, which is part of what makes Agilant such a great partner. They are trustworthy, dependable, and willing to do whatever it takes to ensure our success. Ultimately, our success is their success. And with trust as our solid foundation, it’s time to get building.