Creating Seamless CX to Compete in the UK’s Challenging Telecommunications Market

Enghouse Networks

In a market driven by the needs of the customer and the challenges of a constantly evolving technological landscape, the telecom industry requires a game-changing approach for the seamless integration of systems.

We aimed to streamline our approach and focus on a singular strategic  solution. The challenge was to identify the one outstanding service  provider that could provide a unified solution with the capabilities to serve our current customer base, while being compatible with our future strategies and technological stack. The urgency to quickly introduce features to the market was a significant hurdle, too. 

We ultimately landed on a decision that not only made financial sense in terms of cost savings, but also simplified our offerings, benefiting our account managers and our end customers. 

We Were Struggling with Complexity

With multiple providers offering similar services, our primary factors for differentiation centred around the customer experience and the ability to provide a solution that could adapt with us. 

The path to excellence lay in embracing simplicity. By streamlining B2B  product and service management processes, our business could focus on  creating value-added services and nurturing customer relationships.  

The path to excellence lay in embracing simplicity.

For us, as a major player in the market space, the obvious solution was Enghouse InCharge—a  comprehensive platform that not only unified our backend operations, but also offered a holistic view of our B2B customer interactions, including SME, enterprise, and government clients. This single touchpoint for sales, service, and support redefined “self-service” and paved the way for engaging CX.  

The choice to collaborate with Enghouse was informed by their extensive industry experience and consistent track record of delivering high-quality solutions. We had issues with previous vendors, who promised swift, smooth deployments plagued by numerous bugs, leading to increased service agent calls and unresolved issues. 

Creating a 360-Degree Customer View

Our successful collaboration with Enghouse has resulted in the development of crucial self-service functionalities. These capabilities have improved customer satisfaction and simplified our interactions, making us a more accessible partner for customers to manage their services effectively.

Self-service functionalities improve customer satisfaction and simplify interactions.

We noticed some impressive improvements:

  • The consolidation of systems powered by Enghouse InCharge, which streamlined operations and amplified customer engagement while transitioning from new and old backend systems. 
  • A 360-degree customer view, which provides invaluable insights and enables tailored product offerings and service enhancements. 
  • Early adoption programs and upsell strategies that enable targeted customer engagement and monetization opportunities. 
  • A 20% increase in average sales year on year, with 85% of that being fully automated online. 
  • Revolutionizing the customer journey by driving self-service at the enterprise level.

Through our ongoing digital transformation, we've achieved consistent experiences while continuously enhancing background capabilities. This progress has enabled us to introduce exciting new features to our solution and customers, bolstering our competitive edge.

The Journey Continues

In the realm of telecommunications, connectivity goes beyond networks—it's about connecting with customers. The true differentiator lies in simplifying the customer journey. The Enghouse InCharge platform exemplifies this principle, providing a singular hub for seamless customer interaction, empowerment, and growth.

Enghouse's alignment with our product vision and their out-of-the-box capabilities played a pivotal role in our decision-making process. Their product vision revolves around providing customers with a 360-degree view, encompassing the entire user journey and customer experience. This vision remains adaptable to various billing systems, accommodating our current scenario of multiple billing systems due to mergers and digital transformation efforts.

For us, this partnership translates to substantial cost savings and operational efficiencies. In the eyes of our customers, it means an enhanced customer experience with everything conveniently accessible in a single place, making interactions smoother and more satisfying.

As technology evolves, so does the telecom landscape. Enghouse InCharge remains a dynamic partner, consistently evolving with new features. The synergy of technology, customer service, and innovation promises an exciting future.