To Support Your Company’s Growth, Buy for the Long Term


My career in IT has spanned many companies and opportunities. But my journey started right after university, where I studied Information Technology. My first job out was part time on an internet helpdesk. My experience there—helping people solve their technical issues—confirmed my belief that IT was the right place for me. If I was faced with a problem, I could find a unique and creative solution. With my vision in hand, I then worked for a lot of big companies—like Compaq, HP, and KPMG—which allowed me to travel all across the globe.

But after my time with these big companies, I started to look for a new challenge. I met the founders of Missing Piece—a new company that had just launched—while I was contracting, and on the hunt for a new opportunity. They outlined their vision of desktop as a service—where Missing Piece hosts all the customer’s applications and gives them a single login system. They needed someone with my experience to look after the data center side. The role seemed like exactly what I needed at that point in my life, so I joined as Network Administrator in 2008.