Upending the LATAM Market By Delivering Scalable Cloud Services at Great Value

HPE Compute

Great ideas are rarely born overnight. More often, they start as a vague concept and gradually evolve into something more tangible. With the right amount of patience and nurture, great ideas develop over time. DataCloud is one such great idea.

DataCloud emerged from DataWise, a technology integrator, reseller, and partner in the Argentinian market for more than a decade. Six years ago, DataWise noticed the scarcity of local cloud solutions providers, so the company decided to build their own hybrid cloud. Today, DataCloud is now a leading cloud provider in the region. 

Being a local cloud service provider enables us to provide agile solutions for clients, wherever they are on their path toward digital transformation. We speak the same language as our clients, and our local infrastructure ensures minimal latency with more speed. We know the national and regional market, and continuously evaluate technological trends to create services that our customers demand. 

A Dependable Partner for Expansion

I came to DataCloud as the General Manager in 2020, and I saw there was still so much room for growth. 

We have three data centers, and our services include Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Backup as a Service (BaaS), Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), Containers as a Service (CaaS), Desktops as a Service (DaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS)—all services through HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform. DataCloud’s objective goes beyond maturity in our home market of Argentina. We want to expand our offerings of cloud and data center services into nearby countries like Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Peru, and further afield into countries in Central America. 

To continue our evolution, we needed scalable solutions that could transcend technological obsolescence and help us deliver more personalized services to our customers. 

No one wants to worry about adopting technology that will soon become obsolete. With the right partner, you don’t have to.

Throughout DataWise’s journey as an integrator and reseller, HPE was always present in one way or another. So when DataWise launched DataCloud, it made sense for HPE to become a strategic partner in DataCloud’s business model. DataCloud’s team had an intimate knowledge of HPE technology and how HPE innovates to keep up with market trends and advances. No one wants to worry about using technology that will soon become obsolete, and with HPE as a partner, we wouldn’t have to.

HPE offered specific solutions to help DataCloud get to where we wanted to be. Together, HPE Synergy and HPE ProLiant through HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform would deliver the perfect blend of flexibility and scalability. 

Scalable, Flexible Solutions That Deliver More Time for New Ideas

HPE Synergy’s composable, software-defined infrastructure helps us establish dedicated compute resources for a wide variety of purposes. We can run services for public and private cloud, and in the private cloud we can dedicate resources for each customer. We can also optimize these resources for containerized technology. HPE Synergy is incredibly scalable to customers’ needs, meaning we don’t have to worry about technology requirements or dramatically change our network landscape as we support clients’ operations. 

The flexibility we can achieve with Virtual Connect technology allows us to simplify tasks for network configuration, which also enables us to deliver different requirements for our customers in a short period of time. 

Another benefit we get with HPE Synergy is the high density in every rack unit, which reduces the cost of data center services we provide. As we become cost effective, our customers can also focus on economies of scale to provide better services to their own customers. 

While HPE Synergy supports customer-facing operations, our HPE ProLiant DL325 and DL380 servers support the business operations for our cloud. We use our HPE ProLiant servers to install firewall software, and it also helps us orchestrate cloud services and manage our VDI environment. This environment is particularly attractive to our customers who use legacy solutions. VDI allows them to access the improved functionality of new machines without investing in new machines on site. 

To have a platform that’s highly reliable, resilient, and robust is key. In our HPE ProLiant servers, we have a trustworthy data repository for backup made possible due to infrastructure capabilities that allow us to install a huge amount of high density and high capacity data disks. We also use HPE Nimble for storage and HPE StoreOnce to support our backup services.

These combined functionalities give us peace of mind for any eventual disruption or system failure.

The Perfect Model to Deliver the Best Value

When looking for solutions, our top priorities are financial value, ease of management, and improvements in infrastructure monitoring. In addition to HPE equipment and infrastructure, we chose HPE GreenLake services to help us find more efficiencies. The HPE GreenLake pay-what-you-use model stood out for its ability to deliver outstanding financial value. It meets our needs for flexibility and scalability and allows us to enhance our offering and grow our network of partners. 

Choosing HPE GreenLake is one of the most significant business decisions DataCloud has made. The as-needed support means we can capitalize on opportunities to grow in the market as those opportunities arise, rather than having to wait and see if our technology can keep up with what we want to do. We are one of the largest HPE GreenLake contracts in Argentina, and we were also among the first. That speaks to our willingness as a company to shake up the market and continue changing how cloud services are offered in Argentina and throughout LATAM.

Better, Faster, More Personalized Services

Our HPE solutions have delivered on all fronts, so we can better manage our time and resources. Since implementing these HPE solutions, we’ve reduced the time it takes to deliver projects—from planning and design through implementation. HPE also proactively monitors our environment with HPE InfoSight is the industry's most advanced artificial intelligence for infrastructure. We have the space and time to use those resources to focus on developing new ideas that better serve our customers’ needs. 

When you don’t require dedicated resources to monitor infrastructure, you can spend those resources developing new ideas.

DataCloud has a reputation for being a reliable service provider that customers can count on. We have a very clear objective of offering personalized services for our customers. We hold customers’ hands throughout implementation, and we’re always by their side. HPE technology offers everything we need to deliver and support dedicated customer services and continue revolutionizing the LATAM market.