Zapier Enables Work-Life Balance With Help From Zoom

Zoom Video Communications

The world is buzzing and we are busy people, which means work-life balance is a constant struggle. So, why not eliminate stress by working remotely? At Zapier, we've spent five years building a global business that operates 100 percent remote. We hire the talented teammates from a global workforce and use Zoom, a video conferencing tool, to stay connected. Here's our success story.

At Zapier, we’re trying to help the world work a little smarter and a little easier. Zapier is a workflow automation app that integrates about 800 different web apps. Slack, Salesforce, MailChimp, Google Apps, Dropbox, you name it and people can use it on Zapier. In our five years in business, Zapier has seen a lot of good fortune. One of the major reasons for that is our unique approach to hiring and retaining staff.

#Zapier CEO reveals the secret to success: hire for talent, not location.

Our goal is to hire talented team members regardless of location. We truly believe motivated and passionate employees are too valuable to keep shackled to a desk. As a result, we’re committed to keeping our staff 100 percent remote. 

Keeping in touch was easy back in the beginning, when it was just three founders. We’ve been at it for five years, though, and the Zapier staff has grown to include 85 talented professionals. Eighty percent of those staffers are in the United States, and the rest are spread across 13 different countries. In order to keep in touch with such a big team, we rely heavily on video conferencing with Zoom.

Why Zoom Is a Great Fit for Zapier

In the early days, we started using Google Hangouts. That worked well until we began to grow as a company. From Hangouts, we switched to one of Zoom’s major competitors only to find that it wasn’t getting the job done. As the team grew, we needed a video conferencing tool that could grow with us, that could expand to handle our bigger team. That's when we made the switch to Zoom.

A lot of companies claim they can handle large groups of simultaneous video conferencing users, but Zoom delivered. Since our very first meeting, the performance has been rock solid. We rarely experience video or audio issues, and as we add more people, Zoom keeps working, which means we keep working.

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The ability to handle up to 500 video participants in a single meeting helps us keep one of our most beloved weekly traditions alive, the Thursday Hangout. This company-wide video meeting allows our team to talk, laugh, and exchange ideas; and ridiculously easy screen sharing gives each person the ability to participate in our lightning talks. These brief presentations give any member of the team the opportunity to talk about any subject of their choosing. 

During a recent Thursday Hangout, our editorial manager gave a short demonstration on chair yoga as a suggestion for employees to break up their day. For a few brief moments, there were people spread across the globe doing chair yoga in unison. Those two minutes of laughter, connection, and togetherness is what keeps Zapier working as one, even when we're thousands of miles apart.