Healthcare Software Provider Phreesia Unleashes the Potential of Its Support Team


Ranked number one in patient intake management by KLAS for four consecutive years, Phreesia helps healthcare organizations automate registration, scheduling, and payments, and supports patients in taking a more active role in their care. The company's global support team is just over 200 people, with associates in the US, Canada, and India.

Around 30% of Phreesia’s client interactions happen over the phone, so efficiency is key. The company's goal is to make sure its provider clients are able to use Phreesia without disruption, as every minute they spend on the line with Phreesia is a minute not spent with patients. In this way, Phreesia’s support team has a direct impact on the patient experience.

Several years ago, Phreesia successfully migrated to a new contact center solution from an unreliable phone system, but the new system wasn't a good fit. The company gained stability but experienced new challenges: a lack of functionality and challenges with use; increased maintenance and overall cost; and inconsistent support. All of this increased the burden of Phreesia’s support team, preventing them from supporting their clients fully. It was time to search again for a new contact center solution.

The Search for Strong Support and Unparalleled Access

Phreesia had some non-negotiables for a new platform, such as stability, call prioritization, competitive pricing, and top-notch support. But according to Habib Abou-Hamad, Phreesia's Vice President of Services and Support, the company also wanted to address its vendor-specific pain points. 

“We wanted a true partnership where we were able to implement new features and resolve issues quickly,” Abou-Hamad said.

Talkdesk rose to the top of their shortlist, not just because of their strong service and support, but because they offered additional perks, such as meetings with product engineers, technicians, and VPs to review needs and enhancements—something that is rare with other vendors. Every person at Talkdesk demonstrated the utmost attention and care to guide Phreesia along their journey.

The Phreesia team built a stronger relationship with Talkdesk in just three months than they had with their previous vendor over several years, and they knew they’d made the right choice. 

A Bold Implementation with Quick Results

After the Talkdesk team made the sale, they didn’t take their foot off the gas. Phreesia quickly implemented the Talkdesk Salesforce integration combined with a smart Studio lookup function. This integration offers agents access to all case data stored in Salesforce, so they can get straight to the customer’s issue the moment they connect. They also implemented the smart routing feature, which is based on data about customers and the products they use. Smart routing ensures calls get sent to the right specialists, which helps resolve issues faster and takes that frustration out of the process for the customer.

“It’s rare to see the level of dedication we’ve received from the Talkdesk team. Everyone from the sales, account, and implementation teams offered the services and support required to deploy the platform quickly. They’re receptive and responsive, and we felt they set up best practices from the get-go instead of leaving us to figure out everything on our own,” Abou-Hamad said.

Phreesia has seen average handle time decrease by up to two minutes, and time spent talking with an agent has decreased by 30 seconds. That time matters over the course of a day, and being more efficient means they can assist more of their clients so that they get back to caring for their patients.

Phreesia’s Talkdesk contact center solution has also had a positive impact internally. Talkdesk automatically prompts agents with information about a client as soon as they pick up the phone, so agents only have to validate that information, rather than inputting everything themselves. This action allows them to be more productive and promptly do what they do best: problem solve. Streamlining calls improves the experience for agents and fosters a good culture around client support, which is great for employee retention.

Talkdesk Makes Support Easier

Phreesia’s next steps will be to improve and automate more IVR solutions, such as having the user state their issue and be redirected as required. The support team has also begun using call recording features to standardize and improve the quality of the customer experience.

According to a recent survey by Phreesia, nine out of 10 clients say the company's support team follows through and keeps promises. The same number of clients said that Phreesia provides high-quality, proactive customer service and support. Phreesia prides itself on the quality of its service and support, and solutions like Talkdesk are critical in helping it uphold its high standards. 

A strong and positive support experience helps provider organizations work more efficiently and provide better patient experiences, and Talkdesk allows Phreesia to facilitate that.

"If you're going to invest in a new solution, you want to know that it will deliver the promised impact and return," Abou-Hamad said.  "We know that we can use Talkdesk to its full potential because we have the responsive, knowledgeable support of the Talkdesk team. Our Phreesia support team—and ultimately our clients—will be able to benefit from being more productive and efficient as a result."