Quadient Takes a Modular Approach to Driving Better CX


Quadient is an international leader in cloud-based business communication software, parcel locker solutions, and mailing systems technology. Alongside its Parcel Pending by Quadient smart lockers, the company empowers business teams to create personalized customer experiences across all channels while eliminating manual tasks, speeding up cash cycles, and reducing dependence on IT. Quadient has an established presence in the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, and serves 26+ countries with user-centric, cutting-edge business solutions.

As Quadient continues to grow and expand, so too does its need to support international customers. The company realized its ability to scale could be greatly enhanced with the use of voice bots, or IVR. Quadient found that up to 40% of its call volume in some queues were related to simple transactions, which could be self-serviced without the help of an agent.

Voice bots and IVR can help callers manage simple transactions and reserve agents’ time to focus on more complex tasks.

With this information, Quadient was determined to build even more powerful customer connections via unified contact centers and self-service CX. This would help callers manage simple transactions and reserve agents' time to focus on more complex tasks. Quadient began with a way to develop self-service solutions with Talkdesk, which ultimately led it to use other Talkdesk tools, particularly one that assists with agent coaching even in distributed or international locations. 

Creating Airtight Self-Service Opportunities

Quadient began by addressing less complex transactions. Jackie James, Director of Global Operations at Quadient, says the creation of self-service opportunities would be a boon for their service representatives. "For us, 40% of your call volume is really significant when you're talking about thousands and thousands of transactions a day," she says. "By using a voice bot, we could contain a lot of those simple transactions just by walking the customer through a few steps and using some integrations with our web application." 

Quadient decided to build a voice bot through Talkdesk to serve Parcel Pending, a part of its business that specializes in automated parcel locker systems. It wasn't long before they saw results. "When we launched Talkdesk with Parcel Pending in April, we immediately saw a 60% containment rate," Jackie says. "This was amazing compared to what we launched before in the US, which only had a 33% containment rate." Talkdesk had effectively doubled Quadient's self-service capabilities, increasing efficiency and creating even better experiences for customers and agents. 

With such a great success behind them, Quadient again partnered with Talkdesk to address the next element of its CX initiatives. 

"By walking the customer through a few steps and using some integrations with our web application, we could help customers with a bot instead of a human. And that has had tremendous success." —Jackie James, Director of Global Operations, Quadient

Assuring Great Customer Interactions, Regardless of Location

Quadient used call recording tools alongside in-person coaching to improve agent interactions. However, the pandemic reduced opportunities for in-person methods—holding them back from more effective coaching. 

Quadient was keen to build a more robust quality management pipeline—something Talkdesk Quality Management (QM) is uniquely equipped to do. QM allows supervisors to submit comments, emojis, and icons as service calls progress in real time, providing unique feedback as the interaction continues. "As you're commenting on certain components of the call, you can really target where in the call you're providing those comments in context," Jackie says.

Launching QM with screen capture gave Quadient a more complete view of agent performance and enabled the use of sound recording and visual screen captures to demonstrate ways to further improve customer experiences. They can also build out QM forms that are relevant to different tasks, providing a more well-rounded scorecard for employees. 

QM's solutions have led to cost savings as well. For Quadient, improved call containment means call volumes at peak seasons require fewer employees and less resources spent on recruiting and training instead of internal growth. 

"Talkdesk makes the actual monitoring process easy. It visualizes exactly where your comments and your feedback are relevant. When agents receive it, they know exactly what you're talking about and where that point in the call is.” —Jackie James, Director of Global Operations, Quadient 

Looking to the Future of Global CX

Quadient relies on native integrations to connect certain components of its tech stack to Talkdesk, including Salesforce. As the “Customer Master” of their global channels, Salesforce is key for connecting with customers relationally. Quadient service reps can instantly recognize names based on integrated data, and get more information by selecting a button from the call bar. This allows Quadient to save time while simultaneously delighting the customer. 

Quadient has also created automation workflows that eliminate routine tasks and increase caller happiness. Certain ring groups, for example, automatically trigger case creations. The company is also experimenting with Lightning flows in Salesforce that automatically update lead records based on the disposition selected.

Integrations with your CRM allows your call center agents to save time while simultaneously delighting the customer.

Having a CSM and a TAM that are receptive to feedback and drive enhancements has been a huge win to Quadient as a whole. "The thing that I like about Talkdesk more than anything is that they're constantly looking for ways to improve," says Jackie. "Even if everything isn't always smooth at the start, they’re regularly deploying features that have positive impacts on CX."

Quadient continues to explore other ways of utilizing Talkdesk on a global scale. It’s investigating opportunities to better integrate Talkdesk for sales users and working to deploy voice bots that improve customer self-service opportunities. The company is pleased to use features that are centered around CX, leading to customer and employee experience excellence. 

“I look forward to exploring some of the other products that Talkdesk has to offer that will make our employee's and customer's lives easier.” —Jackie James, Director of Global Operations, Quadient